March 2024 Update

Well, since last month’s update…

Just joking, kind of, because you won’t find last month’s update. Not because I didn’t write one, but because of a miscommunication I lost my website backup and I had to do a complete reinstall and do-over.

When it comes down to it I don’t really mind. Things have really been changing significantly for me since the start of 2024. And the restart is a bit of a blessing in disguise.

I was probably going to redo my website completely anyway. And now I have to do everything from scratch and will not have any ghosts lurking around.

The Last Second

This month I am working on and finishing the first in a series of novellas. The Last Second is part 1 of 6 of The King is Dead.

I started 2024 with the intention to focus on writing short stories. I have finished two so far. If you include the flash fiction I wrote then it would be four. And a couple in the works.

But I couldn’t stop myself from working on a larger story. But a whole novel was too big, until I started breaking it into smaller units and once that got going I started loving it. Both the writing and the story.

The Last Second
You don’t choose a King. You certainly don’t choose a King for your enemy.
But when Torak from the nomadic Tribleki tribes is dragged into the process of selecting the new King of Surog he finds himself caught up in a cavernous maze of drama and intrigue.
What game is Cira Riva, Knight of the Horn, playing and why is an outsider part of it?

I am halfway and knee-deep into The Last Second. I have the other five parts mapped out to follow after. I will finishing writing and editing every part and then once done, immediately publishing them.

Ideally people say you have to finish a series like this and then stagger the publishing. I will be staggering everything, living on the edge so to say.

And more…

After The King is Dead I have another serial in the works to follow on with the story. But nothing more about that for the moment. It is just an idea and a title so far.

But I do have another serial I am outlining on the side. I am doing this to see what would happen if I work a set of novellas up from scratch. I didn’t do that with The King is Dead. That is a reworking of a novel I already started in March of 2018.

I also have a large folder of novels that are on the back burner. Once I managed to get a first series out the door I might look back to see which of the others could be reworked as well.

In conclusion

The website will be repopulated over the next couple of weeks. It is not my main focus so I will do it as other things that needs to be on the site pops up.

But I’m going to keep it very simple for the time being.

In conclusion, welcome to new adventures in completely made-up worlds. May you have as much fun as I am having making stuff up.

I.M. Gerhi is working on a plan to assassinate a king as well as a looking for an idea on how to survive a toxic atmosphere in a pocket universe.