My Writing Space (part 1)

If I want show you my writing space I really need to show you the inside of my head. But I don’t have a bone saw and the saw I use for pruning trees are sticky with tree juice.

But I did promise back in April to talk a bit more about my writing space.

Here is a bit more.

  1. The couch: I rescued this couch from a former colleague’s garage when she moved into a smaller place. It is wonky, rugged, and ugly and I love it.
  2. Hidey holes: These are my books that are not novels but relate to writing. There are books about language, fairy tales, biographies of writers and such.
  3. Printer: Our neighbors gave us a printer in 2020. I abuse it to print drafts I forget to edit.
  4. Telescope: An heirloom. It belonged to my grandfather who was a long range sports rifleman. It is a repurposed ship’s telescope.
  5. Writing Books: The writing books I ostensibly consult the most.
  6. Scanner: A very old scanner I use to scan sketches and stuff for making covers and illustrations.
  7. Checklist: My checklist for days written or word count or whatever target I am trying to meet. I normally forget about it as soon as I get busy with something else.
  8. Chair and table: I built the table into the corner for a large work area. The writing chair is the first professional thing I bought myself when I decided to be a writer.
  9. Computer: iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2015) – need I say more?

Enough invasion of privacy for now. Maybe some more later.

I.M. Gerhi is working on a plan to assassinate a king as well as a looking for an idea on how to survive a toxic atmosphere in a pocket universe.

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